Recent Dissertations

RLL Dissertations since 2003 (A-Z by author’s last name)

Filippo Andrei, 2012, “Boccaccio the Philosopher: The Language of Knowledge in the Decameron”

Michael Arrigo, 2020, “Rumor Has It: The Press Conditional in French and Spanish”

Andrei Nikolaevich Barashkov, 2009, “Functional Specialization of Romance Verb Polymorphy”

Adelaida Cortijo, 2005, “Teoría política y poder en la literatura medieval castellana (siglos XIII-XV)”

Linda De Caterina, 2005, “Antonio Tabucchi y la narrativa latinoamericana”

Sarah Demeuse, 2004, “Aesthetic Theory in 20th-century Spain:  “Style” in José Ortega y Gasset, María Zambrano and Eugenio d’Ors”

David Divita, 2010, “Acquisition as Becoming:  An Ethnographic Study of Multilingual Style in la Petite Espagne”

Julia Farmer, 2006, “The Macrotextual Poetics of Imperial Disillusionment in Early Modern Spain and Italy”

William Heidenfeldt, 2015, “Becoming Language Professionals: Identity Work and Pedagogical Decisions by Secondary School L2 Teachers of Spanish and French”

Alani Hicks-Bartlett, 2016, “Vows and Violence in the Medieval and Early Modern Chivalric Romances of France, Italy and Spain”

Brock Imel, 2019, “Sa nature proveir se volt: A Corpus-Based Analysis of Leftward Stylistic Displacement in Medieval French”

Dolores Isern, 2010, “Genealogía de la crisis del sujeto moderno desde el Romanticismo de los treinta hasta la Generación de 1898: crisis existencial y temporalidad”

Emily Linares, 2020, “The Promise and Peril of Multilingualism: Gitan Students’ Language Socialization in Perpignan”

Ricardo Lopez, 2015, “Refashioning the Sociopolitical in Spanish Modernist Literature (1902-1914)”

Matthew Losada, 2009, “Avatars of a Binary: Civilization or Barbarism from Sarmiento to Contemporary Spain”

Linda Louie, 2017, ” Repatriating Romance: Politics of Textual Transmission in Early Modern France”

Maria Fernanda Marquez, 2009, “In Search of the ‘Pure’ Subject: Paul Valéry, Jorge Guillén and the Problematic of Lyric Subjectivity”

Maria Juliana Martinez, 2012, “Mirar(lo) violento: rebellion y exorcismo en la obra de Evelio Rosero”

Juan Ospina Leon, 2015, “Melodramatic Modernities: Latin American Serial Fiction and Silent Film Culture, 1914-1929”

Sarah Portnoy, 2005, “The Incest ballad of Delgadina: Oral Tradition from Medieval Spain to Latin America”

Elyse Ritchey, 2019, “Lenga nòstra?: Local Discourses on Occitan in Southwestern France”

Janet Sedlar, 2008, “The Construction of Humor in Spanish and French-Language Comic Strips: A Sociolinguistic Perspective”

Maya Smith, 2013, “Multilingual Practices of Senegalese Immigrants in Paris and Rome:  A Comparative Study of Language Use and Identity Construction”

Andreea Sprinceana, 2014, “Staging History in Modern and Contemporary Spanish Drama”

Kelly Sullivan,2009, “Hysterical Discourse and Melodrama in the Novels of Benito Pérez Galdós’s “Contemporary Series”

Jenelle Thomas, 2017, “Vous êtes hombre de bien”: A study of bilingual family letters to and from colonial Louisiana, 1748-1867

Stacey Triplette, 2008, “Pagans, Monsters, and Women in the Amadis Cycle”

Rakhel Villamil-Acera, 2008, “La construcción del diálogo teatral en el teatro cómico español (1898-1936): el discurso humorístico en el contexto social”

Jessica Zander, 2012, “Narratives of Contamination: Representations of Race, Gender, and Disease in Nineteenth Century Cuban Fiction”