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RLL Faculty
RLL Graduate students
RLL Graduate Student Services Advisors

RLL Executive Committee

Mia Fuller, Director (Italian)

Mairi McLaughlin (French)

Justin Davidson, Equity Advisor (Spanish)

The Executive Committee overseas the running of the RLL Ph.D. program including liaising with the three departments, admissions to the program, organizing events, and overseeing student progress. Each student meets with the Executive Committee when they enter the program for the First Semester Screening Interview and again in their Fifth Semester Review as they begin to plan their Qualifying Examinations. Students at any point in their career in the RLL program can request a meeting with the Executive Committee for advising purposes. The Executive Committee is made up of three members: one representative each from the departments of French, Italian Studies and Spanish and Portuguese, with one of these members serving as the Executive Director. The departments are responsible for appointing their representatives and the Executive Director position rotates between the three departments every three years.

RLL Faculty

All ladder-rank faculty in the Departments of French, Italian Studies, and Spanish & Portuguese are available to work with RLL students and to serve, if they agree to do so, as members of qualifying examination and dissertation committees in RLL.

Déborah Blocker, Professor, French

Karl Britto, Associate Professor, French and Comparative Literature

Natalia Brizuela, Professor, Spanish and Portuguese

Anthony Cascardi, Professor, Spanish and Portuguese

Justin Davidson, Associate Professor, Spanish and Portuguese

Ivonne del Valle, Associate Professor, Spanish and Portuguese

Daylet Dominguez, Associate Professor, Spanish & Portuguese

Mia Fuller, Associate Professor, Italian Studies

Timothy Hampton, Professor, French and Comparative Literature

Michael Iarocci, Professor, Spanish and Portuguese

Richard Kern, Professor, French  and Director of RLL

Henrike Christiane Lange, Associate Professor, Italian Studies

Michael Lucey, Professor, French and Comparative Literature

Susan Maslan, Associate Professor, French

Tom McEnaney, Associate Professor, Spanish & Portuguese

Mairi McLaughlin, Professor, French

Nasser Meerkhan, Assistant Professor, Spanish and Portuguese

Ignacio Navarrete, Professor, Spanish and Portuguese

Nicholas Paige, Professor, French

Diego Pirillo, Associate Professor, Italian Studies

Debarati Sanyal, Professor, French

Alexandra Saum-Pascual, Associate Professor, Spanish & Portuguese

Candace Slater, Professor, Spanish and Portuguese

Barbara Spackman, Professor, Italian Studies and Comparative Literature

Estelle Tarica, Professor, Spanish and Portuguese

Soraya Tlatli, Associate Professor, French

Rhiannon Noel Welch, Associate Professor, Italian Studies

Nathaniel Wolfson, Assistant Professor, Spanish & Portuguese

Damon Young, Associate Professor, French and Film Studies

RLL Graduate Students

Michiko Arai, Italian emphasis, Literature track

Zachary Bekowies, Italian emphasis, Linguistics track

Cameron Flynn, French emphasis, Literature track

Annie Helms, Spanish emphasis, Linguistics track

Jennifer Kaplan, French emphasis, Linguistics track

Gabriella Licata, Spanish emphasis, Linguistics track

Maria LillySpanish emphasis, Literature track

Kevin Martín, Italian emphasis, Linguistics track

Marguerite Morlan, Spanish emphasis, Linguistics track

Brenda RosadoItalian emphasis, Literature track

Daniel Schaefer, Spanish emphasis, Linguistics track

Kyle Thomson, Italian emphasis, Literature track

Rachel Weiher, French emphasis, Linguistics track

Oliver Whitmore, French emphasis, Linguistics track

Graduate Student Services Advisors

French emphasis:      Evan Faidley,

Italian emphasis:       Seth Arnopole,

Spanish & Portuguese emphasis:    Veronica Lopez,